In this fast paced, ever-changing world it’s extremely important to have your most valuable investments secured by the oversight of professionals who not only understand these changes (Markets, Government Policy/Regulations, Finance, etc.) but also know how to react to these changes in the best interests of the client/owner. Whether you’re a small or large landowner these changes and the ability to react to them can have an immense impact on your annual returns.

Agriworld manages farms for both International and Domestic clients. We serve individual as well as larger investment groups. Typical Management Services are based on Cash Rent or Net Crop Share Lease structure depending on Owner’s objectives and risk tolerance. 

Management services are tailored to meet the needs of the Owner and proposals are made accordingly. We are one of the only Management firms whose Farm Managers were born, raised, and currently reside in the Delta. Most of the farms we manage are within minutes not hours from our homes.

Example reports can be made available upon verbal request and will be subject to a Non-Circumvention-Confidentiality agreement between Agriworld and Prospective Client.

Management Services

  • Annual budget of revenues and expenses
  • Preparation and execution of all future leases
  • Formal and scheduled inspection/financial reports
  • Annual farm mapping
  • Annual farm photos
  • Oversight and negotiation of all repair and maintenance
  • Commodity Marketing/Forward Contracting per budget objectives
  • Budgeting, design, and implementation of all Capital Improvements (leveling, ditching, or new well installation)
  • All farm book keeping including reconciliation and payment of property taxes and distribution of income as requested by owner/owners
  • Handle all financing needs as applicable
  • Establishment and maintenance of Farm Checking account
  • Property and Liability Insurance review and maintenance
  • Maintenance of historical Income, Expense, and Yield history
  • Year-end production results/financial report
  • Distribution of reports to multiple principles as/if applicable