With our investment analysis, we can make sure that the land owner is maximizing their return while being fair to all parties. We use comparative analysis with our knowledge of current rental agreements in the area to make sure the land owner is being treated fairly. We can also make sure that any future investment in current farmland is useful and will maximize the owner’s return on investment.

Investment Analysis

  1. Lease Structure and Terms Analysis
    We can analyze any current lease structure to make sure that the land owner is maximizing their income potential while minimizing risk.
    After we analyze the lease, we can make recommend changes to the lease or create an entirely new lease.
    We handle all aspects of implementing leases.
  2. Lease Negotiations
    We handle all aspects of lease negotiations between the land owner and tenant. We handle this aspect of leases in a professional manner that is fair to all parties and achieves the long term goals of the owner.
  3. Best use for investment
    With our extensive knowledge of the area, we can help you decide the highest and best use for your farm investment. With the right choice, you will be able to maximize the income producing potential of your investment and fulfill your long term objectives.
  4. Government Assistance Programs
    We can use our extensive knowledge of USDA programs to see if investments will qualify for any cost assistance or other beneficial programs.

Project Analysis

  1. Land leveling design and implementation
    Designing fields in the most efficient way to maximize productivity while maximizing the owners return on investment.
    Using the latest survey and leveling technology to efficiently design the farm
    Agriworld makes sure that all leveling a design work is done in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  2. Farm cleanup and maintenance issues
    Using the best techniques to maintain the overall appearance and productivity of farm land and avoid any potential environmental issues.
  3. Farm drainage ability and capacity
    We can asses the farm’s capacity to drain water efficiently and make recommendations on how the farm’s drainage capabilities can be maximized.
  4. Farm irrigation ability and capacity
    We can asses the farm’s current irrigation system to see if the farm is maximizing its irrigation potential.
    Conservation Reserve Program and Wetland Reserve Programs Design and Implementation
    With extensive experience in both programs, we can help you decide which program is best for you and your land. We can help with all aspects of program designs and implementation.
    Grain Storage Facilities
    We can review any current grain facility to see if the facility is being used to its maximum ability. We can implement any upgrades to existing facilities to be cost effective and efficient. We can also help design any new facility with the latest technology to fit the owner’s grain storage needs